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Minding your money is an art, a discipline and a science. At Intersect, our seasoned experts excel in combining all three. With client relationships founded on trust and collaboration, we are your valued partner, focused on what’s right for you. Your Intersect plan is custom-designed, the product of energetic research that defines your financial landscape and works to fulfill your dreams.

Our mission: Advanced Planning, to map your financial future. Risk Management, to assess and meet your insurance needs. Investment Management, to get the most for your money, over a lifetime. Family Office, to sort through and achieve your priorities large and small. As your trusted adviser, our commitment is to always ask the right questions and find the best answers.

Advanced Planning

Sustaining wealth takes meticulous planning and specialized knowledge. And in your busy world, you need trusted advisers who can foster both security and growth. At Intersect, our business is crafting a customized plan for your financial future, your tax status and your estate, including the steps that are designed to make it work.

We’ll assess where you are and where you want to be in the near and long term. We’ll compile an exacting inventory of what you own and what you owe. And we’ll present you a holistic program of wealth management that aligns your assets with your aspirations. Your independent, objective Intersect adviser will sort out the myriad financial expectations and consequences of earning, buying, selling and giving. Solid, comprehensive planning – by experts committed to your best interests.

Risk Management

Great wealth brings with it many responsibilities – for family, businesses, property, even for the special joys prosperity brings. It also carries great risks. Yet many wealthy people don’t have enough insurance to protect themselves. For effective risk management, you need objective, independent advisers who can customize a comprehensive insurance plan specific to your needs. Some of the things we consider:

The best coverage for the best price. Protecting your homes. Collections, jewelry and other such valuables. Personal security and lawsuit threats. Coverage for extraordinary loss. The hidden risks of recreation. Caring for your survivors. With much to protect, the stakes are high. Intersect can shield you with a thoroughly researched insurance plan unique to your situation. It’s advice you can trust with your future.

Investment Management

It all starts with you – where you are now and where you want to go. We’ll help you chart a course for your financial future, based on an in-depth analytics and an understanding of your obligations and goals. Backing us is an extensive network of professional relationships developed over years of careful planning and hard work.

We are objective and independent. Our services are fee-only; we don’t sell our own investment or insurance products. Our focus is strictly on you and your unique priorities, with plans fully customized to match. We set goals, monitor progress, and keep you updated, one-on-one and with written reports. And yes, we promptly return your calls and emails. At Intersect, we take great pride in doing what we say we’ll do: Helping you achieve the goals that matter to you.

Family Office

Success like yours brings new horizons, fresh opportunities, and more choices for what comes next. Getting ahead of the game demands skill, finesse, strategy and teamwork. But you’ve got plenty to do, and time is money. Pulling everything together – and mastering the next challenge – calls for expert assistance and support.

That’s where Intersect comes in. We specialize in taking our select clients – top executives, shrewd entrepreneurs, gifted athletes – to new heights. Keen minds in the financial business, backed by a sophisticated network of service providers, design and help manage your custom success plan, from property management, to legal affairs to bill pay. With our manifold resources, we smooth the way across the full spectrum of wealth and lifestyle management. It’s our job to help keep you on top.

A letter from our Managing Partner.

Full list of Family Office Services include the following:

Lifestyle Management – Our customized financial reporting includes assistance with private banking, mortgage needs, property management, purchase of homes and vehicles, and guidance with acquisition and financing of other lifestyle assets.  We review all contracts, medical advisories, human resource services and personal/family security services.

Expense Management – Bill Pay – We receive and post outstanding payables and track vendor payments; establish internal controls, including expense approvals and archiving; and facilitate detailed financial reporting and maintain general ledgers for each entity.

Taxes – Our tax services include federal, state & local income tax planning; charitable tax planning and structuring; tax planning for trusts and estates; and documentation coordination for tax compliance.

Data Aggregation – We maintain document inventory, including copies of trust documents, tax ID documents, and annual reports; summaries of major assets, ownership and key contacts; and copies of investment documents, statements, financial reports and correspondence.

Investment Management – We prepare investment policy statements for all accounts/legal entities, and perform strategic asset allocation and investment strategy, investment due diligence, selection, monitoring, and consolidated reporting.

Risk Management – We review and implement Insurance needs, including: umbrella, liability, disability, life, commercial.

Education – Quarterly education sessions are provided for every client and family member.

Governance – We provide family meeting facilitation, family mission statement development and implementation, and succession planning.

Financial Planning – We evaluate each client’s core and excess assets to determine how much each client needs to reach each goal.

Business Evaluations – We take the burden of business evaluations off of you and allow us to protect you when appropriate. Each of our clients receives countless requests every year to invest in deals, and we will review and analyze each opportunity.

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