Enterprise resources and network connections for a unique set of clients.


First let us say that we are not for everyone. We’re specialists, not generalists. Our clients have attained a place in life where their achievements and their opportunities have never been greater. For them, the bar has been raised.

That’s why we created Intersect — an innovative combination of tools and resources designed to find the new synergies and possibilities in life. Our clients need expertise, range and depth of service that typical financial planning and family office doesn’t deliver. They require a wider network of enterprise resources and of connections to potential new business partners. Basically, they demand more.

At Intersect, we believe you are the CEO of your own wealth. As CEO you must create the right business model and choose the right partners for success. Intersect is that model and that partner.

Our range of specialization in wealth management and administration, tax and estate planning, risk management, and concierge-style services is unique in the marketplace. And behind it is a network of connections, constructed and nurtured over many years of working with an elite set of clients, which reach across a spectrum of professional expertise.

As we said, we’re not for everyone. But for those who wish to find a new Intersection of possibility, we are for you.

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